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    He’s a Mama’s Boy

    Photo by Luiz C. Ribeiro

    Photo by Luiz C. Ribeiro


    I have been swamped with children’s birthday parties these past several weekends, including my son’s first birthday which I celebrated a week ago. (I’ll write about that soon!) Hustling from one birthday party to the next, has given my son and I a lot of exposure which we don’t usually have. In random conversation, this woman says while looking at us, “He’s a mama’s boy.” This is after her attempt at trying to carry him and him nodding his head while moving away from her. In other words, telling her, a blatant no. (He asserts his free will shamelessly. -As he should!) Frankly, I feel that term is used a little loosely nowadays. With that being said, Ishaan is definitely a mama’s boy, if what you are referring to is that he is extremely attached to me, but then again, he’s a one year old baby. My mother has a name for it too, mamitis (ma-me-tees). That’s the Dominican version of a mama’s boy. Truth be told, it wasn’t long ago that he discovered we were two separate entities. And now that the reality has settled he experiences some intense separation anxiety. What he doesn’t know is that I do too. Read more