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A Baby Blogger or a Blogger with a Baby?

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A Baby Blogger or a Blogger with a Baby?

I am beginning to get a bit more comfortable with the whole blogging situation. At first, I was like gasp, hand on chest, I think I missed a comma…Everyone will see this and think I’m an idiot. Now it’s more like I have this friend who is a really good listener and he or she never really interrupts my stories with their own. At times my very polite friend will drop a comment, but it is always directly related to me and my stories, so it is obviously important.

I find that our relationship – you, quiet and very respectful reader/ friend of mine – reminds me of my exchanges with my daughter. Since she is 17 months, she is not really talking a whole lot, at least not very coherent. Unless she is a genius baby who is fluent in Mandarin, most of what I hear is gibberish. What ends up happening is that the times I spend alone with her I narrate most of our activities: “Okay, let’s eat lunch. Wow! Emma is going to eat lentils that Lala made. They are so delicious!” You get the point. The problem is when I am not with her, on campus getting to class, driving alone – I have caught myself narrating my own activities. In the car it is safer because when I have caught people staring, I very quickly pretend that I am on a blue tooth and having a very serious, extremely productive work call. I think I fooled them. However, when I have been caught talking to myself on campus let’s say, by a few of my students let’s say, it is not as easy to disimular. I don’t even know how to translate that. Pretend or disguise, maybe???

Anywho, thanks for reading the rant. I will post a very respectable, like worthy IG pic soon so we can forget this conversation ever happened. Good talk…


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  • Laura Ortega

    Ha! Switching registers is always fun–whether it’s linguistic or social roles..
    I often engage in monologues too, and I don’t even have children! When that time comes, I can only hope to handle life with such aplomb 😉

    May 17, 2016 at 1:04 pm Reply
  • Josie Urbistondo

    Thank you, Laura for responding. Honestly, I blame it on Emma but I totally did it before mommyhood as well! =)

    May 17, 2016 at 2:09 pm Reply
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